We provide market leading solutions to over 200 clients in the healthcare sector spanning the primary, secondary and independent healthcare landscape. Our services cater for the needs of all healthcare professionals; from consultants, doctors and GPs to nurses, midwives, and care support staff.


PReP is a revalidation management system for all doctors, dentists and Designated Bodies. It has been specifically developed to support and manage...
HeART is an online e-Portfolio toolkit, developed specifically to manage appraisal, revalidation and education for the nursing workforce.
Whatever mobile device you’re using, you can pin Centric to your home screen for quick access and in most cases it will open in it's own window with no browser interface.
Cortex is an easy-to-use training management system built specifically to streamline, administer and manage your organisation's training, learning and development needs.
Centric CPD is accessible, adaptable and affordable online CPD software that automates the management, administration and reporting of your...
Job Planning for AHPs is an online job planning system. It supports AHPs to plan, manage and evidence...
Job Planning is an online job planning system. It supports healthcare employers and doctors to plan, manage and evidence...
GPReP is a primary care-focused version of the PReP system, configured for organisations and individuals within the primary care...
iHeART is an online e-Portfolio toolkit, developed specifically for nurses and midwives who want to manage their revalidation requirements with ease and take control of their career.
Our off-the-shelf e-Learning modules have been developed in collaboration with the healthcare sector.
Project C is one operational technology platform to deliver quality, safe care in the community. A real-time view at your fingertips...


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Title:Premier IT HeART Case Study - NHS England Central Midlands successfully pilots HeART to manage appraisal and revalidation
Blurb:To begin with NHS England Central Midlands and Premier IT devised a project plan for a pilot, which would run until June 2015. In order to collect meaningful data across a range of practices and nursing staff, it was determined that a sample of 100 volunteer nurses from across Leicestershire and Lincolnshire would be enlisted to take part.
Title:Premier IT HeART Case Study - The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust
Blurb:The HeART system was adopted by the Trust and configured and initiated in December 2015. The Trust nurses were given passwords and trained in its use, using group and 1:1 formats. The revalidation team were visible across the wards and departments and undertook targeted identification of revalidatees in advance.


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