Appraisal Skills for Nurses, PReP Full System Training, heart training


Name of Course: Appraisal Skills for Nurses

Location: Angel Wharf, 170 Shepherdess Walk, London. N1 7JL

Dates: TBD

Duration: One day

Times: TBD

Fees: £195 + VAT per delegate (scheduled date at Premier IT), £1195 + VAT (max 12 delegates, onsite, plus travel outside of M25)


By the end of this course, delegates will be able to:
Appraisal System, CPD software, Appraisal Skills for Nurses, e-rostering

The role of an appraiser

Effective questioning, responsibilities of appraiser and appraisee.

Appraisal Skills for Nurses, e-rostering, heart training

The importance of appraisals

Identifying development needs, setting objectives.

Appraisal System, Appraisal Skills for Nurses, e-rostering

The purpose of revalidation

Delivering effective healthcare, implications of revalidation.

Appraisal Skills for Nurses

The current context of revalidation and appraisal

Appraisal processes, fitness to practice.


Understanding the purpose of revalidation and appraising, revalidation as a tool to demonstrate compliancy with existing and future legislation.
The Importance of Appraisals
Giving constructive feedback and creating a culture where honesty is important. How performance appraisal should work.
Roles and Responsibilities
Understanding the role of the appraiser, importance of feedback and setting goals, understanding the role and contribution of the employee.
Identifying development and training needs, action planning, setting objectives, recording appraisals, documentation and IT.


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