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Client Feedback

Updated: Jul 6

Client Feedback

We continue to receive great client feedback on our solutions; most recently for our workforce management system which is gaining traction.

This has been supported with several webinars and virtual events held to support our all-encompassing e-Rostering, service-led Job Planning and Acuity and dependency modules for attendees.

Current and prospective clients are amazed when we share the bi-directional ESR interface, interoperability and ease of use.

This is a testament to the groundwork that was put in when building the platform. The input was taken from the key stakeholders from Trust departments such as HR, Finance, Quality, Operations, Nursing, AHPs, Medical and Dental.

Based on this we captured the key challenges and nuances which resulted in a highly configurable system for all staff groups.

This has been recognised and therefore allows your organisation to implement a system based on the Trust processes and policies as opposed to only having one way of implementing your organisational requirements.

I look forward to sharing our success and more feedback next time.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact me on 07888 098757 or by email at

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