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Digital Technology for Rostering & Job Planning: Truly Transformational or Just Hype? – Part 3

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Rostering & Job Planning

Zebra systems are built for Interoperability; whether the third-party systems you wish to link use industry-standard APIs or any other type of data exchange, Zebra provides excellent interoperability. Depending upon the technology readiness of third-party systems, the full suite of functionality can be integrated.

Zebra systems use Artificial Intelligence-based algorithms to take into account any number of bespoke conditions and preferences for roster optimisation. It is usual for a senior person to spend a substantial part of their working time creating complex rosters comprising multiple roles, locations, competencies, working patterns and multiple personal and service priorities. Access to incredibly powerful computing and AI-based algorithms mean Zebra systems mimic what human roster creators do in 2 minutes with arguably better results.

The most revolutionary aspect of Zebra systems, however, is its embedded data visualisation and analytical toolset. Zebra system integrates with your Trust’s electronic systems and at its core operates with an extensive dataset relating to people, service, operational and finance structures and constantly relates them to workforce deployment. Data is accumulated and available at the click of a button, ready to be drilled in the manner you wish to see. Gone are the days you have to spend time retrieving data and commission an analytics company, only to receive a report that is out of date on the day you received it. Rostering & Job Planning

The workforce is the most valuable asset as well as the most expensive of any Trust. Workforce data analytics are essential for every aspect of priority for a Trust Board: staff welfare, clinical quality, operational efficiency, and fiscal control. Zebra technology has been built ground-up emulating software architecture that revolutionised system-wide efficiencies and analytics while providing familiar front-end functionalities. While Zebra technology is lauded as a major innovation in NHS workforce technology, its founders are content to be called copycats who are inspired by the spectacular transformation in fintech and e-commerce where familiar front end functionality is always linked to data science in the back.



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