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Your Feedback, Our Inspiration: How Clinicians Shaped Zebra e-Rostering

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Rostering for Clinicians

In today's fast-paced healthcare environment, efficient rostering of clinical staff is essential for delivering quality patient care while optimising resources. Recognising this challenge, Premier IT embarked on a journey to develop an innovative e-Rostering solution. This blog will shed light on the collaborative process between Zebra and clinicians, showcasing how their valuable feedback played a pivotal role in shaping the Zebra e-Rostering system.

Identifying the Need

The first step in creating an effective e-Rostering solution was recognising the challenges clinicians and healthcare facilities face. A multidisciplinary team of developers, designers, and project managers collaborated with clinicians from various specialities to understand the pain points of traditional rostering processes.

Gathering Clinician Feedback

Extensive feedback sessions were conducted, involving clinicians from different departments, including nurses, physicians, and other healthcare professionals. These sessions provided crucial insights into the shortcomings of existing systems and the specific requirements that clinicians deemed vital for improved rostering.

Co-Designing the Solution

Armed with the wealth of feedback from clinicians, Zebra's development team engaged in a co-design process. They worked closely with clinicians to design a user-friendly and intuitive e-rostering platform. This collaborative approach ensured that the final product met the precise needs of its end-users.

Iterative Development

Zebra embraced an iterative development approach, continuously incorporating feedback throughout the design and testing stages. Regular demonstrations and prototypes were shared with clinicians, allowing them to provide input and assess the system's practicality and usability.

Addressing Workflow Challenges

Through this collaboration, Zebra identified specific workflow challenges faced by clinicians and integrated features that addressed these issues. From shift preferences and leave requests to seamless shift swaps, the system aimed to empower clinicians with more control over their schedules.

Optimising Communication Channels

Feedback from clinicians underscored the importance of efficient communication among team members. Zebra e-Rostering responded by integrating secure messaging capabilities, enabling seamless communication between staff to manage changes and updates in real time.

Emphasising Compliance and Fairness

Clinicians expressed the need for transparent rostering processes that upheld compliance and fairness. Zebra e-Rostering incorporated intelligent algorithms that balanced workload distribution, adhered to regulatory guidelines, and factored in individual preferences.

Training and Implementation

With the development phase completed, Zebra facilitated comprehensive training for administrators to ensure the smooth adoption of the new e-Rostering system. The training focused on maximising the system's potential and addressing any concerns or queries previously raised by clinicians. Supporting documentation and training material will be made available to roll out to all staff groups.

Positive Impact on Healthcare Delivery

The Zebra e-Rostering system, refined through the active participation of clinicians, has had a profound impact on healthcare delivery. Clinicians reported increased job satisfaction, improved work-life balance, and enhanced coordination among teams, ultimately benefiting patient outcomes.

The successful collaboration between Zebra and clinicians exemplifies the power of user-centric design in creating innovative solutions for the healthcare industry. By heeding the insights and preferences of clinicians, Zebra e-Rostering has become a catalyst for positive change, revolutionising rostering practices and optimising healthcare services. The lessons learned from this collaborative journey will continue to inspire future developments, where end-user feedback remains a central driving force behind progress in healthcare technology.

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