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What’s ‘APPening at Premier IT?

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Premier IT

It may seem pretty easy to build an app nowadays – everyone is doing it, aren’t they?

Trouble is, and as we found out early on, its one thing to build an app  – it’s another to create something useful that works not just on my phone – but yours.

And hers.

And his.

So we’ve built 2 versions right now – one for android devices and one (a web app) that can be downloaded in seconds (I timed it) and works across every version of iPhone that the great and powerful Apple ever created or is about to create.

Seriously, maintaining and testing something that works specifically for my beautiful iPhone became a bit like painting the Forth Road Bridge. And we just can’t afford to get it wrong. Ever.

So we have an app available for everyone that WE can look after ourselves and isn’t dependent on a lifelong relationship with Apple. It does all the simple stuff you need it to do – and its free.

Apps are becoming essential for busy people who don’t sit down long enough to record, reflect etc and the function to add evidence (in the form of an image from your phone) is crucial. So we did it.

At Premier IT we are constantly innovating – as the pioneers of appraisal and professional development software we hate to be beaten to the finish line on anything. That’s why we adopted (before anyone else) material design and the latest infrastructure across our platforms. It’s not just pretty – its damned reliable, we have an enviable perfect record in compliance and security.

We don’t buy the claim that sexy gadgets are for the “yoof” – we know most of our customers have smartphones and aren’t afraid to use them!

Good for you – we’re right behind you!

Discover how to install the App here

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