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Data Management in the Healthcare Sector: Enhancements to Panda in Zebra 2.0

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

The introduction of Zebra 2.0 marks a significant advancement in its Patient Acuity System, Panda, offering a host of enhancements that redefine the user experience. Most notably, a new level of visual sophistication through improved graphics within Panda, revitalising the interface and ensuring that information is conveyed with unprecedented clarity. These enhancements extend to data displays, which now provide high-level overviews at a glance, enabling users at all levels to quickly grasp the most critical information and make fast-paced staffing decisions without the need to contact individual areas, a previously long and arduous task.

Streamlining data input processes has been a core focus of Panda’s development. The system's improved data input mechanisms not only accelerate the input process but also offer a new level of configurability for data census entry.

The upgraded system introduces enhanced report functionalities, affording greater flexibility and configurability in handling patient acuity data. This empowers healthcare professionals to tailor reports to specific needs, resulting in more actionable insights and informed decision-making regarding current and future workforce planning.

There are still 2 more enhancements to be revealed, stay tuned.



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