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Title:Premier IT Cortex Case Study - Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability
Blurb:The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability (RHN) needed to lower the cost of it’s training programmes for staff which were costing a significant amount of money to administer, manage and deliver.
Title:Premier IT HeART Case Study - NHS England Central Midlands successfully pilots HeART to manage appraisal and revalidation
Blurb:To begin with NHS England Central Midlands and Premier IT devised a project plan for a pilot, which would run until June 2015. In order to collect meaningful data across a range of practices and nursing staff, it was determined that a sample of 100 volunteer nurses from across Leicestershire and Lincolnshire would be enlisted to take part.
Title:Premier IT HeART Case Study - The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust
Blurb:The HeART system was adopted by the Trust and configured and initiated in December 2015. The Trust nurses were given passwords and trained in its use, using group and 1:1 formats. The revalidation team were visible across the wards and departments and undertook targeted identification of revalidatees in advance.


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