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If you're looking for an effective learning management system, Cortex can help. 

Save Time

Save money on admin costs and reduce your carbon footprint with online classrooms. Work can be completed and submitted online, allowing you to work flexibly, as well as reduce the amount of time spent on classroom activity. 

Build Reports

Track and manage performance with our powerful reporting tool, which allows you to analyse and filter data at the click of a button. Access any data you need and stay one step ahead by identifying trends and areas for improvement. 

Mobile Learning

Mobile learning eliminates the limitations associated with traditional learning and training environments. Cortex can support your training development when it is convenient for you, allowing you to interact with resources on the go. 

Drive Compliance

Ensure that everyone in your organisation has the skills and competencies to perform their role safely and effectively. Cortex can help you measure individual performance as well as produce certification upon completion of a course. 

Simplified Training

Organise and manage all your training needs from one system and reduce the time it takes to perform manual tasks. Cortex can streamline and automate course, resource and task management as well as track event activity and outcomes.

Centralised E-Learning

Cortex centralises all your content, which means users have access to the same material at the same time, promoting consistency of learning across your organisation. Users can also refer back to content to refresh their knowledge. 

Intuitive, user friendly and accessible anywhere

Whether you're a L&D, HR, compliance or training manager, or any other professional looking for a learning management system, please get in touch to find out more.

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