Don’t work hard, work smart!

22 Mar 2019
by Coral Atkinson

Don’t work hard, work smart!


As we travel around the UK implementing our software solutions it has always amazed me how common an answer “we’ve always done it that way” is. If we are hearing this comment however it is at the point at which the users have already decided to implement new solutions and are therefore open to changing and updating their processes. This makes me think of how many organisations must be out there silently not opening themselves up to change, falling behind and wasting time, effort and unfortunately most importantly money.


We often see this scenario within education departments which have often been seen as a necessary evil and have therefore maybe not been given the support or funding they require. Unfortunately, spreadsheets, lesser quality freeware and access databases have reigned over these environments in many instances. However although “it’s always been done that way”, these solutions were not chosen because they were the best or most efficient options, they were chosen because they were cheap and available. With this root cause in mind, is that really the choice that you want to be driving your department today?


We are here to say that you don’t need to work hard, you can work smart! Through the use of purpose-built training management systems like Cortex, you can run your training department with minimal effort. Do away with your antiquated (and quite often paper) processes, make a change and reap the rewards.


In a world driven by results rather than effort, why not spend a short time putting in a new interoperable system that will pay for itself through efficiencies and simplify and automate your processes, rather than spending the rest of your working life swimming against the tide. If any of the above rings true with you, do not worry, you are not alone, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. However, I would say if on realising this that change is “too hard” to improve your workplace and staff’s potential than maybe education is not for you.


Of course, you don’t need to choose Cortex to become more efficient, but we very much hope you choose something because when swimming against the tide just treading water is not an option.


Lewis Keeling

Client Services Director


15 Oct 2019

Is e-Learning truly controversial?

Is e-Learning truly controversial? This is the question I found myself asking and indeed answering at an NHS conference recently. I was working my way around the event stands, when one of the sponsors asked me what I did. When I mentioned that I worked with healthcare clinical and training leads to create bespoke e-learning content, the sponsor replied “Ooh … controversial”.

1 Aug 2019

Walk for Sepsis 2019

On Saturday the 27th Of July I joined the escalla team and braced the rain, brambles, nettles and 1,000 metres of climbing to complete a 26.2 mile marathon walk in aid of the UK Sepsis Trust.

Premier IT were proud to be one of the headline sponsors of the event so it was only right that we laced up our boots and joined in too. The walk took in the wilderness of Surrey, following the winding trails of the Greensands Way and ending up at the top of Leith Hill, the second-highest point in the South East of England.

15 Jul 2019

Premier IT awarded place in UK Government G-Cloud 11

Premier IT awarded place in UK Government G-Cloud 11 Digital Marketplace. G-Cloud 11 is a UK Government marketplace that allows UK public sector bodies to select and buy form 3 frameworks; Cloud hosting, cloud software and cloud support. The frameworks simplify the purchasing process and aim to help the UK Government make their procurement process more transparent.


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