Appraisal Skills for Nurses, PReP Full System Training, heart training


Name of Course: PReP Advanced Super Admin Training

Duration: One day

Times: TBD

Prerequisites: Delegates must be familiar with using a mouse and working in a Windows environment.

Fees: £195 + VAT per delegate (scheduled date at Premier IT), £495 + VAT (onsite, plus travel outside of M25)


By the end of this course, delegates will be able to:
Appraisal System, CPD software, Appraisal Skills for Nurses, e-rostering

General Management

Organisational and Appraisal changes, mail and notifications, recording incidents and training.

Appraisal Skills for Nurses, e-rostering, heart training


Manage e-Portfolio functionality.

Appraisal System, Appraisal Skills for Nurses, e-rostering


Building advanced reports, AOA, ASPAT, Revalidation Readiness Report

Appraisal Skills for Nurses

Managing imports

Statutory and mandatory training, Audits, CHKS and complaints and incidents.


General Management Functionality
Licencing and managing system users. Adding Historical Appraisals and documents. Managing mail, alerts and creating your own mailshots. Managing your own imports: Audits, incidents and statutory mandatory training.
e-Portfolio Functionality
Implementing appraisal cycles, outcomes and closing appraisals. Managing supporting information. Amending your own organisational structures, configuration and drop down fields. Educational supervisor functionality.
Reporting Functionality
Appraisals reporting. Advanced report building and exporting to Excel for further manipulation. Using Export to importable csv facility to make larger user management changes quickly. AOA Reporting, GMC Connect Integration and ASPAT
System Help Functionality
Help available to users. Troubleshooting and fixing errors. Editing sidebar help content and adding organisational documents to the help menu. Building your help landing page.


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