Appraisal Skills for Nurses, PReP Full System Training, heart training


Name of Course: PReP Full System Training

Duration: One day

Times: TBD

Prerequisites: Delegates must be familiar with using a mouse and working in a Windows environment.

Fees: £195 + VAT per delegate (scheduled date at Premier IT), £495 + VAT (onsite, plus travel outside of M25)


By the end of this course, delegates will be able to:
Appraisal System, CPD software, Appraisal Skills for Nurses, e-rostering


Manage system and user administration tasks

Appraisal Skills for Nurses, e-rostering, heart training

Maintaining Information

Update user profiles, scope of work, qualifications and progress.

Appraisal System, Appraisal Skills for Nurses, e-rostering

Appraisal Forms

Enter supporting information, submit and accept appraisal forms

Appraisal Skills for Nurses


Manage Responsible Officer reporting functionality


System Administration
Managing users and assigning roles/permissions.Alerts & managing system mail. Utilising homepage features. Reporting and Configuration options.
Appraisee Functionality
Updating general information andrecording qualifications. Adding and listing supporting information. Assigning portfolio items to supporting information categories and guidelines.
Appraiser Functionality
Monitoring your appraisee’s progress with my appraisee's view. Viewing your appraisee's portfolio. Managing the appraisee's personal development plan. Initiating the appraisal output form.
Responsible Officer Functionality
Responsible Officer dashboard and reporting. Managing conduct and capability events. Gathering appraisal feedback and identifying doctors in difficulty. Making recommendations.


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T: 0800 182 2355