Our e-Rostering solution with Zebra Workforce Technology has been developed specifically for the NHS from the ground up, in-line with NHSI’s Workforce Deployment Systems Initiative. Our compliance with NHSI’s Software Requirements Specification and Interoperability Agenda (2019 version) means our system is future-proof.

Our systems have been designed with input from professionals working in the NHS including, clinical staff (senior and junior medical, nursing, therapies, pharmacy, AHP and ANP) clinical managers (clinical and medical directors), non-clinical managers (admin, accountants, HR), IT (including implementation, training) and support staff.


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Within this context, our solution is entirely suited to the health and social care sector and requires no translational approach. It should be recognised that the solution provides the full set of functionalities defined by NHSI that delivers the process efficiencies and cost savings identified by various human resource and operational productivity reviews such as the Carter report.

The systems also provide operational optimisation of clinical safety measures such as skill mix and competency assurance of staff rostering, job planning and temporary staffing.

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Allows competency & role-based Rostering, enabling enhanced clinical effectiveness.

Revalidation, e-rostering

Unparalleled data analytics for operational strategic reporting.

Appraisal System, Appraisal Skills for Nurses, e-rostering

Dynamically configurable to support business HR policies.

Appraisal Skills for Nurses, e-rostering, heart training

Allows R-A-G settings for clinical safety & skill mix.

online patient feedback, e-rostering

Integrated multi-professional system for multi-professional teams.

e-learning, e-rostering

In built Acuity & Dependancy with tracking & reporting for mitigating measures.


If you are interested and would like to access our past e-Rostering webinars, please contact Zaheer Khan ( who will provide you with a link and password.