Featuring a bespoke design, we built the e-Rostering Solution for health and social care professionals with Zebra Workforce Technology. No translational approach needed here, it’s ready to work with you and for you across the health and social care sector.

Designed with extensive input from a broad range of NHS professionals, this solution is optimised to respond to everyday tasks and challenges within clinical and non-clinical settings. A wide range of clinical staff (junior and senior medical, nursing, therapies, pharmacy, AHP and ANP), non-clinical staff (Clinical and Medical Directors), non-clinical managers (admin, accounts, HR), IT professionals (implementation and training), and support staff consulted with us in the design process.

The unique and varied perspectives used in the development process ensure a practical, accessible, and innovative solution in dealing with the everyday realities and challenges of workforce management within the NHS.

A great example is the solution’s ability to provide operational optimisation across a range of clinical safety measures. There isn’t room to list them all here, but some of these measures are skill mix and competency assurance of staff rostering, job planning and temporary staffing.

More than that, the e-Rostering Solution provides the complete set of functionalities defined by NHS E/I to deliver multiple process efficiencies and cost-saving activities identified by various HR and operational productivity reviews (The Carter Report).

We’ve thought about future-proofing, too. The solution is compliant with NHSI’s Software Requirements Specification and Interoperability Agenda (2019 version) and is in line with NHSI’s Workforce Deployment Systems Initiative, allowing your organisation to work through the Levels of Attainment.



Allows competency & role-based Rostering, enabling enhanced clinical effectiveness.


Unparalleled data analytics for operational strategic reporting.

Dynamically configurable to support business HR policies.

Allows R-A-G settings for clinical safety & skill mix.

Integrated multi-professional system for multi-professional teams.

In built Acuity & Dependancy with tracking & reporting for mitigating measures.


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