Increasing pressures and demands on the NHS to deliver quality and timely patient care makes efficiency in planning the services of highly skilled medics such as AHPs essential. Electronic job planning is at the heart of digitising the work of AHPs moving forward. Eliminating the inaccuracies of a paper-based/excel system and automating calculations becomes more important than ever in managing medical resources effectively.

Job Planning for AHPs is an online, calendar based system developed specifically to manage job planning activities for AHPs. It enables you to create, format and manage job plan timetables.

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Integrated team job planning is available for department leads to distribute populated job plans across the team. Organisations can set everything from strategic Trust and departmental goals for job planning to a AHPs personal objectives, send reminders to complete job plans and obtain multiple electronic sign-offs. Monitoring processes and progress is automated and straightforward through PA controls and dynamic reporting on activities.

A cost effective IT solution, Job Planning is easy to use and accessible anytime, anywhere. Functionality and feature rich it is available as a standalone tool or a module within any of our healthcare management systems.


Gives AHPs and their managers the opportunity to agree the proportion of each role that will be attributed to clinical care and other supporting professional activities.

Provides organisations with data to organise resources efficiently, bringing mutual benefits to organisations, patients and AHPs in the planning and delivery of high quality patient care.

Full Job plan data collection, analysis and exception reporting

Better access and security of job plans through various levels of secure system logs

Allows for Standardise job plans (format, language, hour calculations)

Promotes efficient, transparent and clear processes of job planning for all users


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