What do we do for the healthcare sector?

We provide market-leading solutions to over 200 clients in the healthcare sector spanning the primary, secondary and independent healthcare landscape. Our services cater for the needs of all healthcare professionals; from consultants, doctors and GPs to nurses, midwives, and care support staff. Our products range from job planning, e-learning, rostering, CPD and appraisal software. We also offer training.


Efficient, intuitive, and reliable, PReP is the appraisal and revalidation solution brought to you by Premier IT. We designed PReP to best support doctors and appraisers in completing appraisal and revalidation processes, as well as the administrators and Responsible Officers (ROs) managing them.
With a specific focus on nurses, midwives, and administrators, HeART is the efficient and well-designed appraisal solution brought to you by Premier IT. HeART is intuitive, feature-rich, and easy to use across many diverse job roles.
The Job Planning system is an online, calendar-based system developed specifically to manage job planning activities for consultants, associate specialists and SAS doctors. It enables you to create, format and manage job plan timetables. Integrated team job planning is available for department leads to distribute populated job plans across the team.
GPReP is the bespoke appraisal and revalidation solution for the primary care landscape. Building upon our PReP solution for the health and social care sector, GPReP is specially configured for and focused on primary care, such as GPs, CCGs, and Area Teams.
Efficient, well-designed, and user-focused, iHeART is the appraisal and revalidation solution for nurses, midwives, and administrators. iHeART is intuitive and easy to use across the diverse requirements of nurses and midwives.
Job Planning for AHPs is an online calendar-based system developed specifically to manage job planning activities for AHPs. Key functionality comes from creating, formatting, and managing job plan timetables in a feature-rich, innovative IT solution.
e-Learning content created specifically for your organisation maximises the relevance and effectiveness of training for your staff. It can also increase staff engagement, which in turn can lead to greater information acquisition and knowledge retention.
With over 130 available titles, our catalogue of off-the-shelf e-Learning titles are designed to help you tackle mandatory, awareness, and on-the-job skill requirements for all groups of healthcare professionals.
Cortex is an easy-to-use training management system built specifically to streamline, administer and manage your organisation's training, learning and development needs.
Premier IT provides a range of market-leading Multi-Source Feedback solutions to meet the needs of all healthcare settings. Sometimes referred to as 360-degree feedback, our solutions capture self-assessment, colleague feedback and patient feedback to develop a comprehensive understanding of staff activity and the patient experience.
Featuring a bespoke design, we built The e-Rostering Solution for health and social care professionals. No translational approach needed here, it’s ready to work with you and for you across the health and social care sector. Designed with extensive input from a broad range of NHS professionals, this solution is optimised to respond to everyday tasks and challenges within clinical and non-clinical settings.
Centric CPD is accessible, adaptable and affordable online CPD software that automates the management, administration and reporting of your...


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