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Appraisal and
Revalidation for

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Appraisal and Revalidation for Nurses ASPAT on laptop

"With a specific focus on nurses, midwives, and administrators, our Appraisal and Revalidation for Nurses system is the efficient and well-designed appraisal solution brought to you by Premier IT. Intuitive, feature-rich, and easy to use across many diverse job roles. We designed this system to be highly configurable, resulting in an appraisal and revalidation approach that meets individual and group needs."

Tiffany Cheung, Client Success Manager

Appraisal and
for Nurses



Thinking about efficiency, processes and workflows are standardised within the appraisal and revalidation system, ensuring quality, robustness, and consistency across user groups. Real-time dashboards and reporting make it simple to keep on track of users’ progress, conduct appraisals, and report on essential outcomes.

About the system

A mobile app is also available, ensuring anytime, anywhere access to securely upload and reflect on CPD and supporting evidence, seamlessly integrated with the user’s portfolio.

With the improvement of high-quality patient care as the focus, the system ensures that teams are best placed to demonstrate and evidence that ALL healthcare professionals are fully trained, highly skilled, completely up-to-date, and fit to practice.

Appraisal and Revalidation for Nurses appraisal progress and pie charts on laptop

Key Features

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Portfolio of Evidence

Collate and reflect on CPD and supporting evidence. Access and complete PDPs. Development of a private portfolio to showcase at appraisals.

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Accessible Training and Education

Full training record.
Integrated LMS to deploy, manage/report on training.
e-Learning modules are available.

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Streamlined Online Appraisal Process

Focused appraisal forms and progress. Embedded MSF tool. Reflection, discussion and confirmation for NMC registrants.

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Dynamic Appraiser Functionality

Review portfolios and conduct appraisals. Manage appraisee meetings and progress. Drill down appraiser dashboard.

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Revalidation Ready Functionality

Easy to build portfolio.
Third-party confirmation and PDP. Revalidation checklist.

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Organisational Appraiser Management

Manage users, appraisals, revalidation and education progress. Real-time dashboards and filtered reporting.

Right skills. Right place. Right time. Right outcome.

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Frimley CCG Case Study


Frimley CCG supports nurses with Appraisal and Revalidation

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