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Achieving Operational Excellence:
Maximising operational benefits

"At Premier IT, we are dedicated to empowering professionals like you with the knowledge, skills, and expertise needed to thrive in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape. Our comprehensive CPD (Continuous Professional Development) system is carefully crafted to cater to the diverse needs of individuals and organisations across various industries."

John Waring, Chief Technology Officer and Director

Premier IT

Accessible, adaptable, and affordable, Premier IT CPD is a web-based system that will streamline the administration of training programmes across your entire staff network.


With our innovative, paperless system, your organisation will be able to seamlessly modernise professional development programmes specific to your requirements, using automated clerical processes to reduce cost and increase efficiency.


By providing a structured framework, Premier IT CPD will help your employees or members maintain the skills and knowledge they need in their chosen profession. The system allows employees and members to advance within their own careers, as well as emphasises compliance with further role-specific training and skill mandates.

Continuing Professional Development

The flexible, configurable nature of Premier IT CPD allows administrators to have multi-functional access to the system, from an informational management perspective, as well as switching into user accounts to provide direct support and training.


The increased automated processes can be utilised in sharing resources, organising events, or using broadcast functionality to reach distinct groups of individuals to respond to training and development needs.


Premier IT CPD is specifically designed to save your organisation time on routine admin tasks, allowing you to focus on user engagement and other more strategic activities within your workforce planning.  

Premier IT CPD Portfolio

Key Features of CPD

Premier IT CPD

User Led Professional Development

Comprehensive guidance throughout a full professional cycle, including reflection,

planning, actions, outcomes and evaluation.

Premier IT CPD

Automated Administrative Proceses

From configurable frameworks and

objectives to shared resources, events and

targeted communications.

Premier IT CPD

PDP Linked
to Objectives

User generated PDP linking evidence and

reflection to organisation objectives and learning frameworks.

Premier IT CPD

Reporting to Demonstrate Compliance

Extensive real-time, dynamic reporting to

demonstrate compliance and quality assurance with ease and on demand.

Premier IT CPD

Portfolio of
CPD Evidence

A portfolio of all personal and shared events,

activities and resources, created in real-time

as CPD is completed.

Premier IT CPD


Securely upload and reflect on CPD and

supporting evidence. Upload to a portfolio

anytime, anywhere. Seamless integration

with system portfolio in real-time. Available

across all devices.

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