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Achieving Operational Excellence:
Maximising operational benefits

"Premier IT provides the largest range of market-leading
Multi-Source Feedback solutions to meet the needs of all healthcare settings. Sometimes referred to as 360-degree feedback, our solutions capture self-assessment, colleague feedback and patient feedback to develop a comprehensive understanding of staff activity and the patient experience."

Sarah Phillips, Fulfilment Manager


To date, we have collected over one million responses from colleagues and patients across traditional paper-based and innovative electronic collection methods through Multi-source Feedback. This wealth of information allows us to generate peer comparisons and benchmarks based on the most comprehensive datasets. We pride ourselves on using this data and our advanced analytic skills to present comprehensive and detailed PDFs, ensuring the feedback provided is understandable and informative for participants. Our exclusive 10-year partnership with Edgecumbe Doctor 360 gives clients a fully integrated 360 feedback solution that perfectly complements our appraisal software.

Multi-source Feedback Solutions

We designed our Multi-source Feedback solution to work seamlessly alongside the comprehensive Appraisal and Revalidation for Doctors management system to facilitate discussion and identify learning and development opportunities.

Our 360 feedback surveys range from feedback collection based on basic GMC questionnaires to more extensive surveys tailored to specific roles and specialities. These differential approaches ensure outputs are targeting, relevant, and a useful starting point for future developmental activity.

Multi-source Feedback on Centric via laptop

Key Features of Muli-source Feedback

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Online Patient Feedback

With the changing landscape of patient touch points why be stuck with paper based feedback. Our offerings provide a hybrid of online and paper based feedback.

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Benchmarking from almost 100,000 Reports

Be compared against your peers with the largest set of MSF data available.

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Specialty Specific Question Sets

Specialty specific clinical questions have also been designed by faculties and Royal Colleges for those with a clinical role.

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Clear, Concise Reports

Our reports are designed to be easy to read to be able to get the most out of the data to give you what you need to have an informed discussion about the results.

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Easy and Requires Fewer Respondents for GMC Compliance

Designed to be easier to complete a fully compliant report compared to the GMC feedback forms.

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Built in Conjunction
with the RCP specifically for Revalidation

The generic questionnaire for colleague and patient feedback has been designed with the Royal College of Physicians for doctors of all specialties and specifically for revalidation.

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