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Achieving Operational Excellence

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An e-Rostering Implementation
Workshop Series

Workshop 1

Workshop 1:
Maximising Operational Benefits

This event has passed.

In this workshop, participants will explore different strategies aimed at maximising operational benefits including the importance of roles and responsibility reviews, up-to-date documentation and the utilisation of different training environments.


Key topics covered include:

  1. Workforce Planning: Making informed decisions regarding staff movement, utilising tools such as Panda, overseeing rosters, and aligning organisational positions to meet operational demands effectively.

  2. Bank Staff Integration: Techniques for seamlessly incorporating bank staff into existing operational structures to optimise resource utilisation and flexibility.

  3. Report Utilisation: Showcasing the importance of utilising reports to analyse key operational metrics and inform decision-making processes for enhanced efficiency and performance.

Through engaging discussions and hands-on activities, participants will gain valuable insights and practical skills to empower their workforce and drive operational excellence.


Workshop 2:
Getting the Data Right
This event has passed.

Workshop 2

In this workshop, participants will focus on the critical task of ensuring data accuracy and efficiency by producing relevant KPIs, ensuring regular data cleansing of their workforce systems and tips and tricks for compliance checks.


Key topics covered include:


  1. Leave Management: Understanding best practices for managing employee leave requests, tracking accrued leave, and ensuring compliance with company policies and regulations.

  2. Toil Management: Strategies for effectively managing time off in lieu (TOIL) to maintain balance and fairness across teams.

  3. Notification Systems: Utilising notification features to streamline communication and keep employees informed about their leave statuses, upcoming deadlines, and important updates.

  4. End-of-Year Leave Planning: Techniques for planning and managing end-of-year leave schedules to minimise disruptions to workflow and ensure adequate coverage during peak periods.

Through hands-on activities and discussions, participants will gain practical insights and strategies to optimise their leave management processes, enhance workforce productivity, and maintain organisational efficiency.


Workshop 3:
Empowering Your People
This event has passed.

In this workshop, participants will delve into strategies aimed at empowering their workforce by exploring training strategies, operational processes and the importance of firmly embedding their workforce system to ensure its adoption by staff at all levels.


Key topics covered include:

1. System Upkeep: Understanding the significance of maintaining systems to ensure smooth operations and avoid downtime.

2. Data Cleansing: Techniques for refining and purifying data to improve its accuracy and usefulness.

3. Importance of Training: Exploring the vital role of ongoing training and skill development in fostering employee growth and organisational success.

4. Roster Reviews: Evaluating and optimising staff schedules to meet operational demands and employee needs.

5. Roles and Responsibility Reviews: Assessing and refining job roles and responsibilities to maximise organisational effectiveness and employee satisfaction.

Through interactive discussions and practical exercises, participants will gain actionable insights to empower their workforce and drive positive organisational outcomes.

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