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An Appraisal System for Unattached Doctors - Now Available

Appraisal System for Unattached Doctors

In the UK, thousands of doctors must complete their appraisals without the help and support of a designated body or RO. How will these doctors complete their appraisals, with manual MAG forms slowly being phased out?

This group of doctors play a vital role within the UK healthcare system, whether it be NHS or privately care-based - so how can we help them make their appraisal journey a little easier?

For our existing clients, the doctors have the advantage of belonging to a designated body with teams that will help and guide them through the appraisal and revalidation process and ultimately make a revalidation decision to the GMC.

That is why we have created a solution directly for these detached doctors.

We have always had a small demand from individual doctors to use our online tools, but we have never been fully able to cater for them. With the push to move to online appraisals rather than the old MAG forms, this demand has only increased.

We have created the means for detached doctors to use our appraisal and revalidation system for their appraisals for £99 a year, which, in time, will also cater for online payment and annual subscription reminders to make the management of it year-on-year easier.

You are able to link to your appraiser, complete your appraisal in the new updated MAG 2022 template, and then have copies of the outputs saved.

These outputs can then be used for their revalidation – whether they get sent to their suitable person, RO or directly to the GMC as part of their annual submission.

When the time is right, you will be able to do your Multi-source Feedback with us as well - completing your revalidation journey…

Well, for this cycle, at least😊 Appraisal system for unattached doctors

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