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Centric LMS for the Metropolitan Police

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Centric LMS for the MET Police

As well as having market-leading software for the NHS, Premier IT’s Centric LMS product is also making waves in the learning and development sector. Our recent ongoing projects with the largest police force in Britain (London’s Metropolitan Police) have been well received and a welcome expansion of our offerings further into the public sector and blue light industry. Whether they are wearing scrubs or a helmet we feel incredibly privileged to be working with this country’s incredible key workers during this continued difficult period of unrest and uncertainty.

Our work with the Met is around delivering two of their key force-wide projects of up to 55,000 staff. To do this the Met have put our Centric LMS system and our organisation through incredibly rigorous and stringent security testing and we are proud to say we have passed with flying colours. Along with our collaborative partners for e-Learning and programme management, we are already finding more and more opportunities to replicate projects like the above in other parts of the world. Why not book a demo with us today and see if Centric LMS can be the brains of your operation?



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