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New ePortfolio built for RCPath by Premier IT

Updated: Jan 31

ePortfolio built for RCPath by Premier IT

The College has been a valued client since 2006 when we first set out together to build a bespoke online platform to manage the educational records of pathology trainees. ePo

rtfolio built for RCPath by Premier IT

In 2020 and in line with new curricula for chemical pathology and cellular pathology specialties, Premier IT was specially commissioned to create a new Learning Environment for Pathologist Trainees (LEPT) platform to support the new curricula. This includes new workplace-based assessments (Supervised Learning Events) and additional functionality to support the ARCP process, including a built-in ARCP outcome form.

The new ePortfolio has been built in line with Premier IT’s latest technology allowing The College team to focus on priorities such as monitoring performance of the programme, reporting and communication.



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