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Make us your local authority on training management

Centric LMS training management system on laptop

In recent months we have seen a huge shift in the needs of local authorities towards a more structured and strategic approach to their training management needs and accountability.

Whether it be focused on mandatory training, closing the skills gap or succession planning many local authorities are scouting the markets for the best tool to assist them in getting the best out of their staff. With tenders flying around and organisations on the lookout for the best way to cater for the engagement of all their staff why not look at one of our latest creations Centric LMS?

Premier IT’s Centric LMS is at the leading edge of accessibility/security and end-user engagement. We train hundreds of thousands of users through our platform every year and all without any end-user system training requirements. With a mobile-first approach leading to learning on any device anywhere, and an in-house e-Learning design team, we can turn training from what is often seen as a “chore” into an experience that can really push your staff forward in short periods of time they have available through their working day.

So are you still struggling through chasing your users to engage? Are you still wasting your own time with antiquated processes and systems? If so drop us a line and let’s set up a no-strings-attached to look at our platform, what do you have to lose?



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