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Strengthening client relationships with User Forums

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Staying connected with clients is essential for promoting innovation, enhancing user experience, and navigating continuous improvement. One powerful way that companies engage with their clients is through regular user forums - we at Premier IT have been running them quarterly for years with our partner, Edgecumbe. These forums serve as invaluable platforms for collaboration, learning, and growth. Let us delve further into the benefits.

Staying informed and updated

User forums provide our clients with a direct line to the latest developments and enhancements in PReP. At these forums, our clients receive detailed updates about new features, improvements, and upcoming releases. This timely information ensures that they are always up to speed with the capabilities of PReP and can leverage its full potential within their organisations. By attending the forums, clients gain insights that empower them to optimise their use of the technology.

Opportunity for feedback and collaboration

One of the most significant advantages of user forums is the opportunity they offer for open dialogue between clients and providers. Our clients can share feedback, ask questions, and address concerns directly with the product experts behind the software, such as Tiffany Cheung, Tim Cresswell, Georgia Feltham and Summer Bolitho. This direct interaction not only enhances understanding but also fosters a collaborative environment where clients' needs and suggestions are considered. Suggestions for improvements can be discussed, evaluated, and potentially implemented based on client feedback, leading to a more tailored and effective software solution.

Knowledge sharing and best practices

User forums are not just about updates and feedback; they are also valuable for knowledge sharing and best practice discussions. Clients can learn from each other's experiences, discover new ways of using the software, and explore innovative solutions to familiar challenges. These interactions contribute to a community of users who are continuously evolving and adapting the software to meet their evolving needs. Through peer-to-peer learning, clients can uncover hidden features, shortcuts, and techniques that boost productivity and efficiency.

Networking and building relationships

Beyond the professional benefits, user forums provide a platform for networking and relationship-building. Clients can connect with peers from other organisations, share insights, and establish valuable contacts within the industry. These relationships can extend beyond the forum itself, leading to ongoing collaborations and partnerships that enrich the user experience and drive business growth.

Looking ahead to the next User Forum

The next PReP User Forum is scheduled for Tuesday 30 April 2024. This upcoming event promises to be another engaging and informative session, offering clients a chance to delve deeper into recent updates. Register here: 

If you are a client of Premier IT or Edgecumbe, mark your calendars for Tuesday 30 April —you will not want to miss this opportunity to connect and collaborate!


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