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Achieving Operational Excellence

The e-Rostering Implementation
Whitepaper Collection

Workshop Whitepaper 2 Rostering
Workshop Whitepaper 1 Rostering

Whitepaper 3
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Rostering Whitepaper 3 Workshop
Rostering Workshops

Implementation Made Easy:

Our Guide to
Roster Deployment

Workshop 1 - Implementation Made Easy

Workshop 1:
De-bunking the rostering myths

Wednesday 26th June, 1.30 pm - 2.15 pm

In workshop 1, we will explore common misconceptions around rostering software and discuss how these can affect a successful implementation. We will pay particular attention to focusing on your operational objectives and aligning these with the business case and project plan.


Workshop 2:
Rostering implementation and beyond
Wednesday 10th July, 1.30 pm - 2.15 pm

Workshop 2 will lead us from the planning stages of an implementation to the active stages and focus on the important factors to make it a success. Here we will explore the key stages of implementation and how successfully engaging your workforce as early as possible will positively impact your project.

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