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Information security and how to maintain the highest possible standards

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Information security

Everyone wants the highest quality software, produced by companies with the highest possible standards. For software used in the healthcare sector, this is REALLY crucial, of course. 

At Premier IT, we prove our high standards in multiple ways, including meeting standards in our contracts for compliance, security, and NHS requirements. One key way in which we prove our high standards is through ISO auditing and certification.

The ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) has a network of collaborating experts who have put together standards on the best way to effectively manage different aspects of a business. These standards have a vast range of cover and help to assure that we are operating to a high standard for each of the areas listed above. Some are, understandably, also contractually required for our healthcare customers and national contracts.

We dedicate significant resources to ensuring compliance with these standards, enabling transparency of our high standards of working without the need for each customer to dedicate time and resources to individually complete assessments and evaluations of our capabilities.

Although different parts of the Premier IT Group have unique requirements, our core business is consistently audited (internally and externally) for the following standards:

ISO Number

ISO Standard

What does it mean?


Information Security Standard

The Information Security standard assures that within Premier IT, data is kept secure and that risks are identified and managed appropriately with various security measures, such as training.

Maintaining compliance with these standards requires dedication from across the organisation. This means conducting and facilitating internal and external audits, ensuring that sufficient knowledge and expertise are present and provided across key areas of the business, keeping track of continuous improvement, and rectifying any challenges to conformity.

As each certificate lasts 3 years, we regularly recertify to re-assure that our standards have remained high for the above. This year, ISO27001 is due for recertification, and during the external audits, we have the opportunity to demonstrate our management systems’ continuous growth and maturity.

Maintaining and recertifying for ISO Certification takes time and effort, but we value the opportunity to be transparent in our pursuit to meet the highest standards.

Premier IT’s accreditation against these ISO standards is a testament to the quality we provide in our products, and the high standards we strive for. They provide assurance that we are utilising industry best practices so that our customers can continue to have confidence in all we do.



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