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Learning happens everywhere!

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Learning happens everywhere

Learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom, it can happen anywhere at any time. You can learn through interactions with people, by reading an article in a newspaper, watching a TED talk or having a real-life experience.

Capture the experiences that matter.

More often than not, these learning experiences go untracked. You wouldn’t normally think of logging a TED talk you’ve watched on the train on your way to a meeting. By the time you get back to your desk and dive straight into the meeting, you’ve forgotten all about recording it. But what if you could log it on your phone while you’re still on the train? What if you could take a photo of the article you’ve just read on your lunch break and upload it to your learning record instantly?

That is where Experience API (xAPI) comes in, it enables you to collect the experiences that matter while they are fresh in your mind. It allows completely flexible tracking and recording of learning activities.

With xAPI, information is shared between systems and devices with statements in an actor (who) + verb (did) + object (what) format. Think about how many different types of learning activities you can capture with just this one statement. If your system has xAPI you’re capable of capturing and sharing so much more than just scores and completions.


Interoperability is achieved when the data you capture can be easily shared and understood by other systems and devices. SCORM is web-based, but xAPI can be accessed from any device at any time to collect, track and record information. This allows the software to interact with other technologies that you have implemented in your learning system.

In a previous blog post Lewis, our Client Services Director spoke about an NHS Trust that he visited that had over 200 different IT systems, the majority of systems did not talk to each other. It is no surprise that learning activities and data can get lost, drowning in the sea of information we have before us.

Learning plays an important role in development and employee engagement. Making the learning process easy for the learner and the recording and reporting process simple for the manager is so important.

How can we help you?

Through the usage of Centric LMS, which fires xAPI statements directly into a hosted learning record store, Premier IT are able to assist your organisation to adopt this new, detailed and ultimately informative way of working.



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