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Achieving Operational Excellence

The e-Rostering Implementation
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“A notable advantage of Premier IT's e-Learning is the interactive nature of their courses. The content is engaging, featuring interactive elements such as quizzes, simulations, and multimedia components. This interactivity not only enhances the learning experience but also increases knowledge retention. Our clients have found the courses to be engaging and enjoyable, which has contributed to higher levels of participation and completion rates."

David Field, Managing Director

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Full library of
e-Learning modules to meet your organisational training needs...

With over 100+ available titles, our catalogue of off-the-shelf e-Learning titles are designed to help you tackle mandatory, awareness, and on-the-job skill requirements for all groups of healthcare professionals. Whether you are looking for a Care Certificate Theory package for health and social care support workers, learning aligned to the Skills for Health Core Skills Training Framework such as Safeguarding or Fire Safety modules, well-being or career development modules such as Dealing With Stress, Pressure, and Burnout or How to Be an Ethical Leader, or specialised content such as our suite of sepsis modules developed in collaboration with The UK Sepsis Trust, we have e-Learning titles to suit all organisations and job roles.

Customisable, responsive, and compatible with all LMS, modern browsers, and devices...

These modules can be customised to include organisation-specific information and branding, with tailored content focused on local procedures and best practice learning methods. Our interactive modules are individually designed based on the learning requirement and may include interactions, quizzes, videos, animations, notes features, built-in calculators, case studies, and other useful features ensuring that users remain engaged, absorb information, and are regularly tested on their knowledge and information acquisition.

Learning can take place anytime, anywhere, using our responsive mobile content which can be launched from all standard Learning Management Systems with modules available as SCORM or xAPI. Each user can save their personalised progress, returning to complete material when it suits them, and scores from graded assessments can be exported back to the hosting LMS.

Off-the-shelf e-Learning on mobile


Our content is built and tested to be compliant with WCAG 2.2 Level AA.

Sepsis e-Learning


The UK Sepsis Trust has collaborated with Premier IT to create a series of CPD Accredited sepsis e-Learning modules to help you understand, identify, and manage sepsis.

Have your own LMS?
Following integration testing to ensure compatibility, the files can be provided with a yearly licence in either SCORM or xAPI format depending on your LMS requirements. The modules are published in HTML5 and are designed to be compatible with the latest browsers, and on both PCs and tablets.

No LMS or less than 100 users?
Licences can be purchased directly from The UK Sepsis Trust store with learners set up to access the content from a central LMS. Certificates available on completion.

Download our Sepsis e-Learning brochure here.

Professionals training with laptops

Looking for a different type of e-Learning?

Select the type of e-Learning that suits you best:


Developing new e-Learning content? Whether you are seeking for support for your own internal development or looking for a partner to create innovative modules from your content, Premier IT can help.

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IT/Clinical Systems

Need to supplement or replace ILT IT Systems training? Premier IT has a proven track record of developing e-Learning for NHS and public sector organisations for IT systems rollouts, (e.g. Cerner and RiO).

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