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June 2024


Welcome to the June 2024 edition of our newsletter

which, as you can see, has moved to our website!


Our latest news and updates can now be found
right here, and will be updated quarterly.

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Achieving Operational Excellence

Workshop Whitepaper 2 Rostering
Workshop Whitepaper 1 Rostering
Rostering Whitepaper 3

The e-Rostering Implementation 

Whitepaper Collection

Rostering Workshops

Workshop 1:
De-bunking the rostering myths

June 26, 1.30 - 2.15pm

In workshop 1, we will explore common misconceptions around rostering software and discuss how these can affect a successful implementation. We will pay particular attention to focusing on your operational objectives and aligning these with the business case and project plan.

Workshop 2:
Rostering implementation and beyond

July 10, 1.30 - 2.15pm

Workshop 2 will lead us from the planning stages of implementation to the active stages and focus on the important factors that make it a success. Here we will explore the key stages of implementation and how successfully engaging your workforce as early as possible will positively impact your project.

New e-Rostering Win
at The Medical Specialist Group

We're proud to announce that The Medical Specialist Group will soon start using our e-Rostering system.

This means they now have our FULL SUITE of software after being dedicated users of Appraisal and Revalidation for Doctors/Nurses, Job Planning, Centric LMS and e-Learning for many years.

Thank you, MSG for your continued loyalty,

we love working with you.

Premier IT Rostering
Doctor 360 User Forum

Doctor 360 User Forum

Our next User Forum with Edgecumbe Doctor 360 will take place on

30 July 2024, from 2 pm - 3 pm. Register today!

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 Revalidation Team Feedback

Your feedback is important to us.

Fill out Edgecumbe Doctor 360's revalidation managers'

feedback survey today and share your thoughts.

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Let us
know your thoughts...

With Health Education England (HEE) recently withdrawing funding for multi-source feedback for Educational Supervisors, we are exploring the interest among our clients in providing this valuable tool to their Educational and Clinical Supervisors.

We'd like to know, would this be a beneficial addition to your support framework? 

Share your thoughts with

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It's official.


The 2024 NAMPS Annual Conference will be held on Friday 25th October at the Royal College of Physicians, and Premier IT will be attending and exhibiting.


More information will be available soon...

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2024 NAMPS Annual Conference

Royal College of Physicians

Our Support Team

Our support team is available to assist you in any way you need throughout strike periods and beyond.
Please do reach out to us if you need support.
Call 0800 182 2355 or email

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